W 80

  • Model
    • polyethylene container with 350 litres capacity and up to 175 litres switching volume
    • vortex pump with large solids handling
    • mechanical seal and shaft seal with intermediate oil chamber
    • pump housing with cast-on outlet bend DN 100
    • lateral inlet with loose-type flange DN 100
    • additional connection 1 ½“ for manual diaphragm pump
    • air vent with loose-type flange DN 100 (Ø 110 mm)
    • operation temperature max. 55°C
    • operating mode S3 - 25%
    • protection grade IP 57 - temporarly submersible
    • drainage of sewage from apartment buildings or industrial enterprises etc.
    • above-ground installation in frost-free rooms below the backflow level
    Scope of delivery
    • pre-assembled lifting unit with 3,5 m connection cable to the motor and 3,5 m pneumatic tube to the control
    • incl. ZPS1: comfortable, pneumatic level control with microcontroller, LCD plain text display for filling level, maintenance, operating hours, fault message and alarm signal in switchbox for indoor Installation
    • Small compressor set with bubbler system
    • Attention! Non-return valve, gate valve and further junction fittings optional (see accessories)
  • Article number
    Power supply
    400 V
    50 Hz
    Power P1
    4.000 W
    Power P2
    3.000 W
    Nominal current
    6,9 A
    1400 rpm
    Max. temperature
    55 °C
    Max. flow rate
    60,0 m³/h
    Head up to
    11,0 m
    Free passage
    80 mm
    800 mm
    800 mm
    925 mm
    P-dimensions (WxHxL)
    800 mm x 1259 mm x 1200 mm
    with pneumatic pump control for single pumps
  • Characteristic - W 80
  • Dimensions - W 80
  •   Product name Article number
    Gate valve DN 100 cast-iron 10649
    Flange piece DN 100 PE 11935
    Y-pipe DN 100/100/100 PE 11998
    Small horn 230 V 12068
    Small horn KH 1 - 12 VDC 12076
    Mains-independent alarm switchgear 13001
    Non-return valve DN 100 PE 14401
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    1. 3d_zp_w80_en.pdf
    2. Data sheet
    3. manual_zp_w80_en.pdf

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